SS: The Inner Journey

Sustainability Sunday: The Inner Journey

Through the month of January, resolve towards the equivalent exchange of value, with others and within.


Ensō is the Japanese word for circle, it is most commonly associated with Buddhist painting. The painter makes the circle in one stroke, the brush only leaving the parchment or canvas when the circle is completed. And yet the very point of the Ensō is to accept that there is no beginning and no end, thus no credence to perfection there is only our continual progression moving outward in all directions. Our life journeys take us varied and often unexpected places, it is the experiences and knowledge that we pick up along the way through both thick and thin that make life worth living in the first place.

Still reeling from such an amazing experience at Ink Knife Studios in the Hobbes I’ve been thinking about the coming year, and how we often make resolutions that fall to the wayside, often simply out of habit or tradition. So I figured maybe we would try something a little different this time, but only if you’re game. Motuv’s main focus before I leave is dedicated to the equivalent exchange of value, to give a skill, idea or product of what you love in return for the same from another.

But it’s just as vital to focus on the self in order to share those very things you value in the first place. So I call anyone who is willing to spend a Sunday in January either doing, learning, or sharing something you love either in private study or with others. It could be something you already know how to do, or somethign you’ve always wanted to, be it a painting, a good book, how to throw a pizza, organize a soup kitchen or just stitch up your pants. And then to send some photos or writing about it to: to be shared on our burgeoning website.

Thanks to you all who constantly choose right action and value each day, it will be those small positive actions that when accumulated that do and will change the world.

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