By nature we are social beings, what would it mean to be human without the underlying knowledge of being so within a community? Even to live at the fringes implies we are at the fringes of something. Yet to build community we must first have a sense of place, a connection and understanding of the land base upon which we rely. The ability to have transparency and direct ties to the history and evolution of the place that surrounds us is paramount, just as we are social we are also relational, to know ourselves is to know ourselves in context. Though we no longer live in a world with traditional borders, through globalization and cultural diffusion the lines between nations have blurred to the point of nonexistence. We are inexorably interwoven through a series of connections that baffle the mind, our food, products and services come from every corner of the earth through outsourcing, off shoring, and digitizing of everything all the while linking us to a system of “necessarily” infinite expansion addicted to fossil fuels. Now more than ever we face problems that are unprecedented in human history and at the core of it, common sense dictates that the solutions to these problems are invariably rooted in the local and community levels. There is no grand solution for all of us, no utopian ideal that through technology and convenience will provide remedy for consumption, disconnection, apathy or hegemony. The solutions are within each of us, we must be radical from the root word: radix, to have roots.

We must take back our supplies chains, our modes of production, our labor, economies, food supplies, water rights, our social norms, we must decide the proper way to maintain and teach self respect, integrity, honor, reciprocity and compassion. In short we must take back our places! Localogy was created out of the SS, as a way to fill this need so many have to re-find their places. We meet and teach ourselves local history, current events, cultural identity and those things that speak to us in and around our animate landscape. We then take what we learn and examine not simply the type of place we DO live but the type of place in which we WANT to live and look for attainable aims to merge them. We believe that there is a deep need for what Wes Jackson calls “Homecoming” and by forming physical relationships based on place we can find the balance necessary to exist in harmony with the world around us.

In this vein, 4 indiduals from very different backgrounds and environments will begin documenting the places they call home in an attempt to relearn what it means to both dwell in and interact those places around us. Check back in the coming weeks and months as the project unfolds!


Interested in starting a Localogy chapter in your community? Email dreamdofollowthrough@gmail.com and join the Movement!

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