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I’ve never been very good at introductions so I’m just going to jump right into the mix, the water is cold and the bottom far below but it’s fresh and full of life. One of the most present lessons I’ve learned over the past decade is that every fact we have, every thing we read and take as valid are themselves based on references. Yet what are references, but simply things found, thought and recorded by other people, people just like you or me. So in beginning this blog I would say one of Motuv’s purposes is to create a stream of references, sources and inspirations that stand for the good in this life, the beautiful and valiant ideas and actions taken on by untold numbers of decent folk everyday. Just turn on the television if you get antsy there’s plenty of bad news to tide you over for some time just a button away, until then welcome.

Paul Hawken in his address at the Bioneers conference explains something we often forget, that we are all tied together through the willingness to take what has been given to us and make of it something better. I would like to think this thing we have in common is integrity from the Latin: integritatemor soundness and the root: integer or whole. I would like to think that we in our journeys have come to recognize an instinct towards intuitive knowledge paired with a deep grasp of reason. A knowledge that tells us individuals are only borrowed self’s, parts that only truly know themselves when in reference to the whole. David Abram’s website for the Alliance of Wild Ethics opens with the quote: “We are human only in contact, and conviviality with what is not human.”

I’d like to think that this conviviality or liveliness defines us, that in our reverence for what gives us life, what sustains us we are endowed by our work a zeal for the living as opposed to simply surviving. So I send out a beacon, a signal call to all those dreamers and doers, makers, shakers, ruffians, wallflowers, all those that feel a warmth in their hearts, that look to the moon, sun, stars and by the living earth upon which they shine, give thanks. It is in our work that we share common goals, that we work towards a unified voice.

How to use this site: In the menu section you will find a listing of our projects, and resources including links to both art and sustainability related sites that have great information and brave inspiring voices, we also have our events and finally our right action campaign- please click on this and keep visiting this site leaving the things you do every day or week that make the world a better place for all to see with your name or anonymously!

I humbly welcome you to our work, and thank you for yours,

Sincerely Dane

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