Sustainability Sundays

Su2 is an evolutionary jump from what was substantially an artistic endeavor into something much more refined and generalized. In cities, few engagements are not centered around alcohol as the underlying social medium, and on top of this the simple process of sharing a communal meal based on purposeful and engaging conversation has been relegated to fast food windows or crowding round the television. One could cite many reasons for this but the overarching one is that free public space has become increasingly rare and the space available often bears no events or experiences worthwhile enough to peak interest.

This space, neither domestic or work related is essential to us in our continuing development and fulfillment of needs. There is simply something very powerful and yet subtle in sharing a meal made with love and dedicating an evening to acknowledging the world and issues in it. On top of this, the people we know often bear no geographical relation to us, all too often our neighbors are strangers. It started by simply inviting some people over for a hand cooked meal made from local ingredients and offering a handout about the core principles of sustainability. It has moved from houses to apartments to studio spaces and everywhere in between acting as the origin point for right action, value exchange, localogy, and community driven efforts of all kinds from seed bomb workshops to a vegan Christmas dinner at Hope House. There is something pretty amazing about serving 50 people dinner, watching them speak to each other with the food grown from farmers known by name as what conjoins them. Sustainability has many forms and we usually associate it with economy because those are the terms in which we live. Thus instead of pairing value to financial capital we try to focus on emotional, social and natural capital to reconnect that sense of value with the underlying assets on which it has been derived. There are many buzzwords that roam our cultural language these days sustainability being one of the most misused, thus we dedicate every other Sunday evening to sharing a meal and staying fluent with each other and our ideas and goals. Please take our model and use it however you wish and find that sense of physical community we need so badly to guide us through this age of separateness.

To hold a Sustainability Sunday:

1. Either decide what you will cook, or if you hold a potluck, the food must be substantially local no exceptions, get to know your farmer’s markets and also GROW YOUR OWN!

2. Decide a topic of conversation that is important to you, if you can tie it to sustainability or ecological awareness.

3. Figure out where the event will be held, a living room floor is all you really need.

4. Spread the word and get everyone involved in the preparation, pick a time and invite people you know in your neighborhood and outside it and more importantly people you don’t.

5. When you eat try to eat on the floor it puts everyone on the same level and offers a humility that we sometimes take for granted.

6. Before you eat go around the circle and say your name as well as one thing you’ve done or been done to you that has positively affected you or your community

7. During or when you’re done eating pick someone to lead the conversation and get everyone to participate – Keep it respectful. When everything wraps up everyone should help in clean up and then REPEAT next week!

*For more information on starting an event email us and we’ll be glad to help in any way we can, feel free to look over the examples of previous topics.

Lecture/Topic Examples [downloadable pdfs] :

SS-Re-Think the Fourth “R”

SS-Remember the Seasons

SS-It all starts at a source.

SS-Choose your own adventure

SS-Econ and You.

SS-Dream in a closed loop


SS-Selfless action for selfish reasons.

SS- Models of Continuity

SS-The nature of exchange


SS-Sustainable Capitalism


SS-5 things you can do: Water

SS-Critical Viewing – James Howard Kunstler The Tragedy of Suburbia

SS-Right Action

SS-Remember the humming bird.

SS-Constructing a community of voluntary value exchange



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